About Guzmán de Céspedes

In his case the passion for photography comes from his attraction to the essence, for the power to immortalize the moment, the power to transmit a message or an emotion in a single image.

Participating in some collective exhibitions such as "Yellow Winter", "Body and Power" (2015) or "Nportugal" (2016). He won first prize in the First National Competition of Legal Photography with “Pisoteados” (2016). Since then he decided to dedicate his personal and professional life to photography, something that he had been wishing to do for some time.

His latest project "Made in Japan" (2019).

One of the photographs for which he has always shown more interest is documentary photography. Revealing a critical eye, attentive to the details that are part of everyday life.

Delivered to the environment, you find in the interpretation and composition of images a game of geometry and perspective, where the lines converge with the message you want to convey.

His photography with a strong predilection for black and white photography, seeks to show what is present but is not easily perceived, which allows him to stimulate his creativity, discovering new places, seeking to immortalize the essence in that fleeting and fleeting moment.